Our Staff
Tim Barden
Jeff Bissell
Deborah Merritt
Eddie Barden
Trinia Samples
Ann Futch
Lisa Barden
Melissa Elzey
Casey Brown
Russell Gravitt
Bogey Barden
Tim Barden, President
Jeff Bissell,
Vice President
Deborah Merritt,
Office Manager
aka Administrative Goddess
Eddie Barden, Project Manager
Trinia Cudd, Contract Department Admin
Ann Futch, Contract Department Admin
Lisa Barden, Service Manager
Melissa Elzey, Admin
Casey Brown, Admin
Russell Gravitt,
Bogey Barden, Head of Security
Our Field Team
Our Shop Team
Hugh Kleiman, James Miles, Kevin Wallace, Anselmo Campbell, Alfredo Zepeda, Reggie Botts, David Presnell, Jeff Presnell, Mike Camp, Jo Gravitt, Ed Miano, Mikal Bowling, Johnny Kendricks. Not pictured: Daniel Bell, Russell Gravitt, Bobby Gormley and Dan Hall.
Sean Byron, Clint Stallings, Gary Combs, Michael Middleton, Lee Canby, Scottie Flippin, Jeff Elzey, and shop manager Chad Sorrells.